Karin van der Kroon Design
Recreating wedding bands

TWedding bands often form a powerful basis to create something beautiful. Sometimes it is just because after 10 or 15 years, you want something else than that simple band. For example putting in a beautiful stone, or transforming the ring into a distinctive yellow and white gold band. Or maybe because after 25 years of marriage, you want to give these rings something special for the next 25 years. Maybe to make wedding band a bit more special with the birth of a child.

But also if the husband or wife is deceased, the rings can be melted together into a simple or special design, in order to be able to wear the rings together. Of maybe the rings have been passed on to the children, and they want to use them to create a beautiful piece of jewellery in order to create a piece of family history. So many reasons, but maybe even more possibilities.

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